ND Legislature Proposes To Raise Tipped Wages

A new bill could have the wait staff at restaurants in North Dakota making a set wage with tips as a bonus. It says over a 4-year-period, those wages would increase by a dollar every 2 years until it reaches $7.25 an hour. Valley News Live talks with staff at…

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North Dakota House & Senate Disagree On Pre-K Funding

Paying for pre-kindergarten education in North Dakota is a costly issue. From the beginning of the North Dakota legislative session, we knew pre-k could potentially funded by the state. While an earlier proposal failed, another bill is working it’s way through the legislature. It passed the senate with $6 million…

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North Dakota way rejects all forms of discrimination


Discrimination is not a North Dakota value. Plain and simple. We do not value our friends being fired for reasons having nothing to do with job performance; we do not value our family members being turned away from housing opportunities; and we do not value our neighbors being unable to…

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